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Flower Neon

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Light up your little one's room with this Flower Neon wall light!
It's the perfect way to bring a smile to your girl's face with its cute design.
Let the flower-shaped light blossom and shine!

Size: 340mm

Processing Times

Our turn around time for acrylic products is 1-2 weeks plus shipping time.

What will happen once I place my order?
Once your order is placed we will start manufacturing the neon.
What is it made of?
Our LED neons are made from high quality LED neon, then mounted onto acrylic or timber.
What colours are available?
White, warm white, pink, green, teal blue, blue, purple, red and orange.
How is it powered?
Our LED Neon signs are fitted with 2 meters of transparent cable and a certified AC adaptor. Simply plug it into a powerpoint.
Does it come with a dimmer switch?
Each Neon comes with a remote control that has a dimmer function.
How do I hang it?
The LED Neons are lightweight, They can be hung with command strips (Please follow the product guidelines) or you can use our wall mounting kit for a lux finish.
Our LIMITED EDITION Timber Neons come with an inbuilt hook ready to use.
How big can my LED Neon sign be?
Neons comes in various sizing. For sizing on each product please check the description box for measurements.
What is the processing time for a Neon?
Our turn around time is 2-3 weeks plus shipping time.
flower neon light
flower neon light
Flower Neon
Flower Neon
flower neon light
flower neon light